Simply lie in place and the power of Yoga-2

If there is a truth I've learned about the practice of yoga asana, it is also important for to expect until you get strong and stretch to relax and soften.A healthy body as it is strong and flexible, the muscles soften and the body that could allow him to relax.Hart teacher often pointed out as the laser, the muscles becomes very hard to approach even if current earnings in Western medicine according to be yogik, organic, soft, and gather the strength needed in a structure that can support muscles and entire body is what we need.

Explain this with an example without thinking much about it if I want to pick the psoas muscle.A topic with enough depth to write much more on the psoas muscle I want to mention briefly here.Some people have ‘ muscle of the soul’ as pessoas termed;the lower body to the upper body connects us in a deep and very vital Nov.


Our joint mobility and our whole body,our organs and even our breath because the diaphragm is connected with the task of fulfilling even the quality of our safe Pessoas responsibility .The accumulation of trauma in the body, relax, it's sometimes very easy and non-our nervous system have a direct relationship to our mood affected our world psoas feeling that contraction, stretching and shortening over time can become chronic, and this time, the opposite effect occurs.This is the muscle to be stretched is beginning to have an adverse impact on our emotions and our energy situation.Considered an expert in this topic and in many studies with Liz Koch's own statement:

‘The psoas muscle is expected to have that close relationship with chronic physical and emotional reactions in a manner that is in danger pessoas stiff body gives the signal the adrenal glands to warp and eventually weakens the immune system.’


A safe, the unthinkable consequences that can bring you the inability to ever relax in a healthy way.Only place in the lying down or ‘ constructive rest: the rest configurator such as ‘ relax and unwind in somatic studies,we can give our muscle memory back pessoas.

Powerful and flexible pessoas our life energy, Prana to flow freely will allow.This is not to underestimate the power of just lie down on the floor, it will be possible.Just lay on the floor, never even when you haven't done yoga and meditation, you may actually be doing a lot.